Founded in 2004, Precise New Material specializes in pigments, solvent dyes and additives. We now provide full spectrum of colors used in plastics, coating and inks. In the past decade, we sincerely serve our customers with SOLVENT DYES, PIGMENTS, MASTERBATCHES and PRE-DISPERSED PIGMENTS. We now are working with customers from over 30 countries, among which half of our market share is in Europe. Having a ten-year-long experience of plastic coloring, we are glad to share our knowledge of colorants and application with all customers. We also have special test methods and color matching service to meet different customized demands.



Pigments & Dyes

Pigcise pigment and Presol dye are used for coloring plastics, inks, painting and coating. They present bright color, high tinting strength along with wide color spectrum, which can't be substituted by other colorants.

Pigment Preparations

Preperse pigment preparations are combined with several groups of pre-dispersed pigments which are recommended for correlating plastics. Now we have separated Preperse series for polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene terephthalate, poly amide, and widely suitable for general applications such as injection molding, extrusion, fiber and film. Using pigment preparations (pre-dispersed pigments) for particular plastic applications, such as filament, BCF yarn, thin films, always benefit producer an outstanding advantage of low dust. Unlike powder pigments, pigment preparations are in micro granule or pellet type which shows better fluidity when mixed with other materials. They also show better dispersibility than powder pigments in plastic application. Coloring cost is another fact which users always concern about when using colorants in their products. Thanks to the advanced pre-dispersing technique, Preperse pigment preparations show more growth on their positive or major color tone. User can easily find better chroma when adding them into products. The Preperse pigment preparations have medium to maximum level of light resistance, heat stability and migration fastness. They meet all possible coloristic requirements. More products are in R&D status and will be disclosed soon.

Mono Masterbatch

Our mono masterbatch are concluded by Reisol PP/PE group and Reisol PET group. Reisol PP is recommended for coloring polypropylene fiber, and any plastic coloring requests severe FPV performance. Reisol PET is used for PET masterbatch for coloring polyester fiber and other PET applications.

Additive Masterbatch

We have many additive masterbatch used to improve the performance of plastic and non-woven fiber. Products include electret masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch, soften masterbatch, hydrophilic masterbatch, flame retardant masterbatch etc.

precise color

Precise Group started in 2004, which is incorporated by three entities: Precise New Material Technology Co., Ltd., a mono-masterbatch and pre-dispersed pigments producer which is located in Hubei, China; Ningbo Precise New Material, dedicate in exportation of colors for fiber, film, plastic etc.; and Anhui Qingke Ruijie New Material, one of the biggest solvent dyestuff and pigment producers in China. Totally, we have 15 Q/C staffs and 30 developers, 300 working staff, with 3000 tons of solvent dyes turnout, 3500 tons of mono masterbatch and pre-dispersed pigment, 8000 tons of high performance pigments yield yearly.

Starting from exporting solvent dyestuff and high performance pigments, Precise never changes our devotion to plastic material application by extending our applications to synthetic fiber, film and digital ink jet. To be more cost effective, our business range is expanded from colorant synthesis to after-treatment, synchronously from powder to granule, in order to fulfill our mission: offering clean and easy-to-use colors to the world.

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