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  • Mono Masterbatch

    Mono Masterbatch

    We provide mono-masterbatches to meet customers' requirements of high dispersion, color stability and dust-free.
    Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Violet, etc.
    Applications : Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extrusion, Blow Film, Sheet, PP filament, PP Staple fiber and BCF Yarn, Non-wovens etc.
    Few business benefit includes:
    ● As replacement of powder pigments to ensure dust free operations and ease of handling.
    ● Reducing cleaning times between batches ensuring high production efficiencies with minimal wastage.
    ● Its pre-dispersed characteristics find its suitability for manufacturing of Mono-Filaments, Thin Film, Tailor-made masterbatch and compounds.
  • Electret Masterbatch-JC2020B

    Electret Masterbatch-JC2020B

    JC2020B is used for melt-blow non-woven fabrics, and also SMMS, SMS, etc. Due to its excellent filtering effect, air permeability, oil absorption and heat preservation, it's widely used in the fields of medical protection, sanitary cleaning materials, filtration materials, thermal flocculation materials, oil absorption materials and battery separator, etc.
    It is used to achieve High Filter Efficiency of meltblow non-woven, which is for FFP2 standard face masks (with a filtration above 94% ).
  • Electret Masterbatch-JC2020

    Electret Masterbatch-JC2020

    JC2020 is used to increase the adsorption capacity of electric charges in meltblow non-wovens.
    It helps enhance the general filter effect and the thermal decay of meltblow non-wovens when in standard finess and gram weight.
    Its advantages are it helps to increase filter performance to 95% with standarded fiber finess and grammage. Also, it’s non-pollution and harmless to machinery.
  • Hydrophilic Masterbatch

    Hydrophilic Masterbatch

    JC7010 is made from water-absorbent resin, polypropylene and other hydrophilic materials. It is recommended to produce non-woven fabric with hydrophilic function which can replace after-finishing processing.

    The advantages of JC7010 is, it has excellent and permanent hydrophilic performance, non toxic, great antistatic effect and good dispersability.
  • Flame Retardant Masterbatch

    Flame Retardant Masterbatch

    JC5050G is a modified masterbatch made from special flame retardant agent and polypropylene together with other materials. It is used to produce PP fiber and non-wovens, such as BCF yarn, rope, car textile and curtain fabric etc.
    PP filament and staple fiber, PP non-woven fabric;
    Communicating products, electrical appliances, electronic goods, the mine explosion- proof devices, automotive parts, medical apparatus, household electrical appliances and flame-retardant material of lab, etc.
  • Softening Masterbatch

    Softening Masterbatch

    Softening masterbatches JC5068B Seires and JC5070 are modified masterbatch made from high-quality raw materials and high-grade soft additives, such as polymers, elastomer and amide. It has been widely used by global non-woven enterprises. Soft masterbatches make the surface of the product dry, no greasy.

    They can be used in applications such as protective clothing, surgical clothing, operating tables and beds with cloth, napkins, diaper and other related products.

    Both JC5068B and JC5070 have good compatibility with the matrix material and do not change the color of the matrix material.

    They are easy to use, the masterbatch and PP material can be direct premixed to get a good dispersion effect.

    Within the recommended range of dosage/let-down ratio, softening effect on non-wovens is more obvious.

    The required production equipment is not special requirements, only requst a simple adjustment of the production process conditions (mainly processing temperature).
  • Antistatic Masterbatch

    Antistatic Masterbatch

    JC5055B is a modified masterbatch containing excellent anti-static agent together with polypropylene resin and other materials. It is used to improve antistatic effect of final products without extra drying processing.

    The advantage of JC5055B are it has great performance on antistatic which can reach 108 Ω according to proper dosage, non toxic, and great dispersibility.