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Preperse Pigment Preparation

An effective and clean way for plastic coloring


Preperse pigment preparations are combined with several groups of pre-dispersed pigments which are recommended for correlating plastics. They are separated to several groups which correspondingly used for coloring polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene terephthalate, poly amide, and widely suitable for general applications such as injection molding, extrusion, fiber and film.

Using pigment preparations (pre-dispersed pigments) for particular plastic applications, such as filament, BCF yarn, thin films, always benefit producer an outstanding advantage of low dust. Unlike powder pigments, pigment preparations are in micro granule or pellet type which shows better fluidity when mixed with other materials. They also show better dispersibility than powder pigments in plastic application.

Coloring cost is another fact which users always concern about when using colorants in their products. Thanks to the advanced pre-dispersing technique, Preperse pigment preparations show more growth on their positive or major color tone. User can easily find better chroma when adding them into products.

The Preperse pigment preparations have medium to maximum level of light resistance, heat stability and migration fastness. They meet all possible coloristic requirements. More products are in R&D status and will be disclosed soon.

Application Areas


Plastic coloring


Fiber coloring


Powder coating


Preperse PE-M

Used for manufacture of masterbatch, also can be used directly into injection molding and extrusion by single screw machine. Recommended for polyethylene, and allowed for coloring polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride.


Preperse PE-S

Recommended for coloring plastic applications which request severe performance on Filter Pressure Value (FPV), such as PE cast film, thin film etc. To achieve advantages of dispersibility, we suggest customer processing with a twin-screw machine, making mono masterbatch.

Preperse R_DBP_RPR254S

Preperse PP-M

Used for manufacture of masterbatch. Recommended for coloring polypropylene, by single screw machine or twin screw machine for injection molding and extrusion etc.


Preperse PP-S

Recommended for coloring polypropylene which request severe FPV performance, typically polypropylene fiber masterbatch. To achieve advantages of dispersibility, we suggest customer processing with a twin-screw machine , making mono masterbatch.


Preperse PET

Pigment content is over 85%. Used for coloring polyethylene terephthalate (PET) masterbatch. Preperse PET series are pigment preparations with excellent dispersibility, which are valuable solutions for severe applications, such as polyester fiber and thin PET film etc.


Preperse PA

Used for coloring polyamides. Allowed for coloring PA fiber masterbatch. Pigment content is from 85% to 90%, which means very low additive volume into products.


Preperse PVC

Suitable for polyvinyl chloride, used for applications include injection moldings, extrusion, films and other universal applications. Preperse PVC pigments helps for more flexible production, less machinery clean time.

Low-dusting, highly concentrated granule. Auto-feeding and metering system is possible and favorable when using these pigments.